Boudoir/Glamour Sessions

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Every woman is beautiful! I believe we should all be celebrated and admired for our individual beauty and body shape.  My job is to capture the beauty and desirability in all of us. We all have a Siren hidden deep within us. I want you to walk away with a positive experience, feeling more confident, and having a higher self-esteem. Love yourself first, and the rest will fall in place!

Some people are intimidated by these kind of sessions and I work diligently at making you feel relaxed and comfortable.  A private hotel room will be arranged for you. If you're more comfortable in another location, we can discuss those options as well.

Each session runs about 1-2 hours with up to four (4) wardrobe changes. Do not be intimidated about posing, I will provide direction. You do not need modeling experience to look amazing.

Boudoir photography is an awesome experience to share with the special person in your life or  just to feel the self-empowerment  of embracing your womanhood. Because there is only one you!

See the pricing guide for more information

Please Note: You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to participate in a glamour or boudoir session. A valid ID or driver's license must be shown prior to the shoot. You may bring one guest to the session. It can become very cramped with people and equipment. I do ask that your guest not interfere and remain quiet throughout the session. If your guest  does interfere with the shoot, the session will be canceled and the booking fee shall be forfeited.

In order to keep prices at a minimum, I do not provide hairstylists or makeup stylists for these sessions.

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